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The Elosar a novel I am working on

I am currently working on a novel called The Elosar. It is in the process of being printed. It is the first novel I am printing and the third novel I have written. I don’t count the other 5-7 novels I wrote before this as being ready to print. I feel really excited to share about this novel. It is basically about the afterlife, and the beings of white light who govern this afterlife called The Elosar. Hence the title name of the book. The Elosar rule in conjunction with the scholars, the Dark Gods and the Gods of Light. The story begins sharing about two childhood friends of different positions. A girl named Ilised who is the child of a Dark God and a God of Light who is also Elosar by choice. The boy is named Stephen Staircase and is hereditary in a line of guardians who guides the souls of the dead to a place called Hunde after they have studied in Gohran. Much of the story takes place in the three places. Gohran the city of the dead, one staircase up, is the grey realms where Stephen Staircase guides the souls to Gohran and the last staircase leads to the realm of the three suns, where the scholars and Elosar reside.

The entire world is rocked when a Rakshaw appears. A three headed dog cloud which is capable of consuming the Elosar. it is governed by powerful forces.

Ilised and Stephen have grown up with their childhood friend Alios who is now a ruler in one of the dark realms and has turned bad. He makes an unlikely acquaintance with the pied piper Seth, who for his amusement and unknown purposes, collects souls from the old world and the afterlife and brings them to Airinhine, where they enjoy themselves for a short time, but then their souls dissipate.

The crux of the story is that Ilised and Stephen must find a way to stop the ensuing chaos of all these elements.

I drew this artwork as a kind of way to encompass what the realm of the three suns is like for the cover of the novel.

possible elosar book cover