Fire and angels

The angel smote down,

a man with fire,

and the man lying on the ground


Why me?

His soul in fragments.

Fire licked around the tendrils of his soul

Save me he cried

pouring out his soul before the angel.

To save you by fire

is safer than to expose you to ice

In your condition

Could you have hoped for any

more or less.

When the fire had consumed the man’s soul

It reunited into one whole

and he cried out blessings to the angel

You have made me whole, where I was not

But I curse you, for I was going

to follow the broken fragments of my soul home.

You have robbed me of the opportunity to do so.

Build a bridge but climb no higher

the angel said.

Where you head, men are lost

Knights are consumed by loss

and warriors never see the light again.

You lie the man said

there is always light.

But what good is light, the angel said.

If you cannot see it.

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