Permanent Vacation- Film by Jim Jarmusch My thoughts -Contains Film Content

Permanent Vacation by Jim Jarmusch from my twelve film box set. I just finished watching it and these are my thoughts.

I think Jim Jarmusch really excels at making movies about outsiders. Allie standing for Aloysious the main character is an outsider. Hes in his early twenties or late teens, and his mother has gone insane so he wanders around the city he stays in.

He has conversations with people who are completely insane though there is some sense to what they are insane about.

He visits his mother and you feel his sadness though he tries to remain cool.

He has a conversation at a cinema in the waiting area with a black man who tells him about a jazz musician who didn’t make it and kills himself.

He does something I always wanted to do. Go to a cinema, buy popcorn but then not watch any movies. The movie poster reads ‘the savage innocents’

He steals a car with such ease by waiting by a mailbox. When a lady in a sports car asks him to mail a letter for him he refuses. She gets out of the car to mail the letter herself and he gets in and drives away.

I really relate to this film. It is exactly what it felt like to me to me to be in my 20s. You dance really well in your living room, you hate the country you are staying in, you have no idea what you are doing with your life, and you just want to leave and travel and keep travelling. Though i spent my 20s doing some serious studying I still relate to this film.

In the end he says he’s like a tourist he can never settle down. It’s like he’s on permanent vacation. I also like the way it’s shown he tries to reach out to the girl he lives with by reading her a book but she just doesn’t get it. It’s totally ambivalent whether he loves her or not and I relate to that too.


Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell- Tv Series My thoughts- Contains Show Content

I just finished watching this. It’s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell based on the book by the same name by Susanna Clarke. I loved the book and I loved the interpretation in the movie.

I have a mild dissatisfaction with the way the character of Stephen was portrayed in the show. He seemed like a much nicer person in the book.

The character of the fairy was dead on as were the special effects. I thought they were quite good.

The series is a serious take as compared to the cynical and often humourous tone of the book.

The characters are played against each other in the series whereas in the book it’s the silent deception of the characters that gets across. I enjoyed the acting of all the characters Bertie Carvel and Eddie Marsan were great in this. I would recommend it but the book makes you laugh more while the show makes you want to cry more.


Last Days by Gus Van Sant -Film My thoughts- Contains Film content

I got this movie some time ago and I’ve been meaning to post something about it but its been incredibly difficult because I’ve been processing it in my own way. In short its inspired by the last days of Kurt Cobain. For those who do not know Kurt Cobain was a grunge musician who rose to fame and did not enjoy it. He died by his own hand. Basically the first time I watched it I was irritated. Because nothing really happened and no one really spoke.

The second time I thought it was beautiful. The music, the settings, the house, the down play of depression and isolation. It’s like watching a masterpiece of silent film by Gus Van Sant.

If you have ever wondered what it might be like to lose your mind over time you might enjoy this film.

I loved this film. It had an impact on me when I had the patience to sit down and watch it again.


Sensitive people

I am searching the world for people who are sensitive. Some people want to be bold and unique. But i want to meet people who are sensitive. I want to have conversations with them and understand them.

I write books about brave people but I think it is a balance. I wish to meet brave and sensitive people.

Listening to Nick Drake at 2am

Listening to Nick Drake at two am. Very haunting. I love Nick Drake. He is my favourite musician. There is something in me that is like him. I fear it. All my scenery and landscapes in the novel I am writing are inspired by his music. I think if I ever met him I would ask him why he died. It is a mystery that plays on my mind constantly.