Book review : The boy in the book by Nathan Penlington

Review of ‘The Boy in the book’ by Nathan Penlington. This book is essentially about one man’s adventure buying a 106 books of choose your own adventure books online on eBay. For those who don’t know or were not from the era choose your own adventure books are books where you turn a page and choose the next page to different endings and different paths in a story. It’s a novel that allows you to choose your way to the end. This man who buys the books has an obsessive personality and finds a diary and scribblings in it which so intrigues him to find the person who wrote them in the book. The book details his painful journey over four years and films interviews with people such as Doctor Irving Finkel who collects diaries for the great diary project’ kept in the bishopsgate institute. And also Edward Packard the inventor of choose your own adventure books. It is a beautifully self conscious book of getting to know someone else and getting to know your past and understanding yourself and your past. It is a study in the difficulty of childhood and being able to grow stronger out of that. I found plenty of useful information in this book. As well as Edward Packard’s advice be firm be kind be honest be strong.the-boy-in-the-book-picture

Life movie Anton Corbijn

Watched this movie called life by director Anton Corbijn. It’s about photographer Dennis Stock who does a photoshoot of the last time James Dean visits his family in Indiana before he dies. The thing is everybody knows James Dean died at a young age but in this film you get a chance to see another glimpse into his life. Namely his family life. 7 months after the photoshoot he died in a car accident. It’s a really brilliant film rustic and the conversations are slow and well thought out. Almost nothing happens in this movie and that’s the kind of movie I like to watch all dialogue good film direction and nothing much happens. Would not recommend this if you do not like art house films. But the tension was good between the actors and Dane De Haan does moody and precarious well.

Harry Potter and Newt Scamander’s wand

Hey everyone just watched Fantastic Beasts and where to find them the new movie by J.K Rowling. Just thought I’d share this you can get Newt Scamander’s wand I think when you go to golden village cinemas and buy a combo set (meaning a large popcorn salty in my case and a bottle of water) or a drink of your choice for 12.90 and if you are a member it’s one dollar less. The wand has a beautiful heavy weighted feel to it I am extremely happy to have it. The movie was great touching at times hilarious and a little bit dark. I really like the acting of Eddie Redmayne who played Newt he has a shy disarming awkward feel that I relate to as a person. He also has a tendency during the movie to be brave when you least expect itharry potter wand.jpg


Hey everyone just sharing some new books I bought from a flea market for five dollars each. The source of the books is a friend of mine who has a thousand books. He is a book collector and has an incredible selection of high fantasy books. I am currently reading Darkness Visible by Pulitzer prize winner William Styron. Not sure which book he won the prize for though.It is a remarkable book and talks about his experiences with suicidal depression and how a lot of creative people do suffer from this. I am also immensely thrilled to have the Tolkien book about Sir Gawain and the Green knight because I’ve always wanted to read Tolkien’s version of it. Peace and love to everyone hope you are books from book collector.jpg

Big trouble in little China

Hi all I’m currently watching this movie called Big Trouble In Little China. It was a commercial failure but has since become a cult classic. It is a funny movie and it’s about my favourite villain of all time Lo Pan. The story tells of Chinese immigrants who move to San Francisco who try as they may cannot forget their roots in ancient Chinese culture. The story follows that Lo Pan must marry a certain girl with green eyes to appease Ching Dai the God of the East and was cursed by the first sovereign emperor to a curse of no flesh. Only by marrying this certain girl can he be lifted of his curse. One of my favourite movies thought I would share !big-trouble-in-little-china-dvd

Spooky castle

Just a little sketch I did. I had the feeling like I wanted to draw with pencil so I went to the store and bought a mechanical pencil. I came home and drew at midnight and was so happy. I did not think of the possibility of selling it. Just drawing and being happy. It’s kind of a castle but it looks a little spooky.spooky-castle-drawing