When the heavens arose a poem i wrote and read

Hello Dear Friends, Good Evening to you all. This is a video of me reading my longest poem. It’s called When The Heavens Arose and it is dedicated to my favourite musician. Enjoy ! If you want to know more about my work you can add me on my facebook art page Desiree Charmaine Lau Art and Writing and my website Desireecharmainelau.com Thank you so much

When The Heavens Arose a poem by Des


American Ultra Movie Talk

I waited a long time to see this movie because it didn’t come out in the cinemas here I think-at least to my knowledge. I really enjoyed this show even though it was quite violent. It’s violence in self defence and stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart who have amazing chemistry in this movie. I think they have collaborated in movies before such as Adventureland a teen movie. The movie is basically about a sleeper CIA agent who gets woken up by the person that put him in a special training program to begin with. If you are looking for a serious movie this is probably not for you. But if you are interested in comic books Mike the character draws a comic called Apollo ape and all the interesting ways in which you can kill maim and injure people with kitchen utensils this is the movie for you. This movie I think appeals to teens and young adults who have started living together-albeit trying to live a small town life with its little pleasures and comforts and one day gets interrupted by a past come back to haunt them. It is an ode to people who perform dangerous jobs. My favourite part of the movie there are a few but this is one-when Mike throws a frying pan above him when he is sitting on the floor and a bullet bounces off the frying pan and hits the man trying to shoot him dead. It is essentially a violent comedy and it’s memorable. I like watching it from time to time. The villain is played by non other than Eric from the TV series That Seventies Show for anyone who was of that era. There’s nothing sweeter than a young couple in love being kept apart by horrible government bodies trying to use their skills as weapons. I think you feel somewhat sympathetic to the plight of Mike and Phoebe his girlfriend and it’s a fairly entertaining movie. I do like their lines in the movies I think a lot of young people will relate to what they say and do. One of the things that makes me smile is how Mike waits and waits for an opportunity to propose to his gf Phoebe and you just keep waiting and watching to see when he will get his chance.american ultra dvd

Bridge of spies movie talk

Bridge of Spies is a superb movie. Tom Hanks does well in this movie but Mark Rylance who plays a Russian spy outshines everyone in this movie. There is something incredibly funny about a painter being a Russian spy. Based on true events the movie describes how the American government, The German Democratic Republic and the Russian Soviet Union come into play in this movie. This movie is not so much about the deception of spies- the spies on all sides are clearly defined and in the open. What you get instead are the legal games that are played by the negotiators involved. What is interesting in this show is that it shows you that even a spy is a human being deserving of our respect and humanitarian treatment. When asked if he is ever worried ? Rudolph Abel the Russian Spy replies ‘Would it help?’ In a candid and truthful manner. Other memorable lines don’t quote me on this (I’m writing off the bat here some leeway is needed) include ‘I would like some drawing materials pencil, paper and cigarettes’ Rudolph Abel says to his lawyer James Donovan who says ‘impossible’ to which Rudolph Abel replies ‘There are men from your country which do the same thing for your country, if they were caught you would want to know that they were treated well. James Donovan by definition is a hero, a man who negotiates with governments to have prisoners and captives freed. The plot is incredibly interesting of how James Donovan rescues more than one person in this equation and his stoic belief that no man should be left behind. And that everyone deserves humanitarian treatment comes across well in this movie. Because of his one decision to spare one man’s life three lives are spared. I can’t say more than this because I don’t want to spoil the plot for you if you would like to see this movie.bridge of spies

Only Lovers Left Alive movie talk

I really love quirky art house vampire movies. Without the violence and the gore and I love this movie. It’s called Only Lovers Left Alive and it’s a Jim Jarmusch film. The show stars Tom Hiddleston as Adam and Tilda Swinton as Eve. They are a married vampire couple who live in different countries and are beset with woe when Eve’s sister comes to visit them. The show features glimpses of Tangier and lots of literary and art references. Some of the references are very tongue in cheek and amusing. Not recommended if long dialogues in movies are not your thing. Adam is a musician and performs some incredible spontaneous music with experimental equipment and this is one of my favourite movies. Won’t spoil the surprises for you.only lovers left alive dvd

Sicario Movie Talk

If you haven’t seen this movie believe me you really want to. Sicario means hitman in Mexico and the movie is about an FBI agent (Emily Blunt) who is recruited to catch a drug lord. The show does show glimpses of Juarez which I’ve heard is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The movie is about the drug war between the borders of the US and Mexico. You cannot trust which side the state police are on, bodies are found walled up in a house in Arizona there is a huge escort in order to extradite a drug lord and there are drug tunnels how drugs are transported. I think one of the attractions of this movie is that you are never entirely clear which person is on which side which makes it very intriguing. It says on the dvd Benicio Del Toro won an Oscar and he is one of my favourite actors. A must see watch so informativesicario dvd