China’s Van Goghs

China’s van goghs is a documentary about people who paint imitations of van goghs work in China and the documentary was funny at times for example when a guy painted van goghs ear wrongly and was told to redo it and he slammed the paint brush on the floor and said he had corrected it three times. It broke my heart when this man Mr Zhao finally got his dream to visit van goghs museum in Amsterdam and saw the actual work and his own work which he thought would be in a gallery just hanging in a souvenir shop. China’s painting village Dafen churns out 600-700 orders of van goghs imitations and the man was paid 450 renminbi while the dealers sell his work for 500 euros. He realised that he had been painting imitations for twenty years and not once had his work been displayed in a gallery. He was not well educated due to lack of money which he cried as he explained, so painting imitations was skilled work. He went home and painted a portrait of his grandma and the workshop where him and his wife brother and brother in law worked painting non stop. They also visited van goghs grave and lit three cigarettes for him. It was a documentary that touched me at the core because I never realised how blessed I am to have the opportunity to create original artwork, even if my work is not so great or not appreciated. I have sold a print of my art for 150. It totally changed my perspective on my own artwork and encourages me to work harder. I also wish these people much hope and happiness in the future.chinas van goghs.jpg

Bamseom pirates

I went to see this documentary about a metal band that is from South Korea performing music about North Korea and South Korea. It discusses the politics of North and South Korea and how one of the band members got into trouble for retweeting some tweets he saw from North Korea. In equal parts witty and depressing and defiant as you witness their public performances and a riot and the imagery and photography used in their works. Along with the post modern style of the poetry written and used by Kwon. The sense of dissension and dissatisfaction of the youth in South Korea along with the bands dislike of mainstream culture in South Korea is captured. Along with their fiesty efforts and participation in the music that brings some justice to their emotions and life. The grey lines of democracy and the law are also drawn in the modern world of technology. I enjoyed their music and their banter and their expression of their political beliefs.banseom pirates

Blade runner 2049

I loved this dystopian movie. The atmosphere and settings and visual techniques are to be commended. If you are looking for a fast paced action movie this is not it. It shows a world of genetically engineered humans struggling to find their place and identity in the future. A man who places more importance on a cyber projection of a woman than a real woman and falls in love with her despite knowing she is merely the product of programming. A man who believes that being a stranger is the only way to protect a son. This is a story more about humanity and it’s struggles to utilize science and technology rather than being controlled by it. It discusses rebellion against the state which has become inhuman in the face of technology and other humanitarian issues.blade runner 2049.jpg

A little chaos review

This movie is called A Little Chaos. I really love this movie. The dialogue is witty and sharp, and when it is not it is poetic and shows the broken side of humanity. It is essentially an unconventional love story between a woman who works really hard for a living as a landscape gardener and a man who works in the palace of the King of France as the King’s landscape artist. The thing is all the characters in the movie are trapped by their position or status in society, or haunted by the past their decisions have led to the life they now lead. I think Kate Winslet is an apt choice because she is no doubt an intelligent woman and brings that to her acting. Matthias Schoenaerts who plays the lead does silent acting, and brings a lot of shrewdness honesty and depth as a man who seems to have his heart broken. Madame Sabine de Barra and Le Notre are enlisted by the King of France to build an outdoor ballroom in the gardens of Versailles. The King of France is played by Alan Rickman (Snape from Harry Potter) in this little movie where he does shine as a King who is both bound to his duty and torn between wanting his freedom. He is compassionate and stern in equal measure as Le Notre (Matthias Schoenaerts) can seem almost cold and unmoved by the society namely the royal court in which he moves. I loved this movie mostly for the characters and the dialogue which was so good. And it is a story about the working class in the face of powerful people and how they move with a certain grace.a little chaos

Goths bbc 4 part series

Just watched Goths the BBC 4 part series. A fictional take on Goths. It basically takes the piss out of goths in a humorous but not unkind way. It gives life to the idea that the stereotypes we hold true can sometimes become reality if we are not careful. It also takes the piss out of various beliefs held by some Goths, that they are vampires and makes fun of the extremes people will go to in the Gothic lifestyle. I just find it humorous and well made and entertaining to watch. The series has been on YouTube for quite a while. Link to the series below. Not sure if the full series is still on. But this is a sample.

Crystal castles 2017

Went to see Crystal Castles. Singer was Edith Frances with green hair and Kath. Opening band was Farrows. Of the songs I remember was Baptism for which I was baptised three times with water, got pretty drenched standing in the second to third row. I heard crime wave and not in love I think the original version was with Robert Smith of The Cure. Got to pat Edith on the arm and watched her up close wearing a t shirt with Manchester written on it in what seemed like pen. She had a heart on her t shirt and she coloured it in with liquid red lipstick then smeared lipstick all over her mouth. She was wearing keys and a padlock and a choker and had a rather gentle presence. Kath was rocking hard and it was a very enjoyable gig. People were not violent which I thank the heavens for. This gig was awesome Edith and Kath work well together.crystal castles

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13 reasons why review

Thirteen reasons why. thirteen reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself. Hannah dies and leaves behind 13 tapes describing the people and incidents that caused her to make the tragic decision to take her own life. It’s screening on Netflix and according to articles has led to at risk behaviour and copycat behaviour. Please be careful if your kids are watching this but…Please don’t bring on the helicopter parenting because there will always be things about the young people you are raising that you do not know and do not understand. This show is based on the novel by Jay Asher and covers topics such as drunk driving, rape, suicide and in my opinion, the breaking of social stereotypes. Tony who is Hispanic I’m guessing and gay is my favourite character on the show. He’s an example in my opinion of a good friend. A good friend who gives you good advice and is always there for you and will not leave you alone when you are really down. Clay Hannah’s best friend is also a very good actor. Thirteen reasons why is the story of how Hannah makes friends who aren’t really her friends as she finds out throughout the show. It also stresses the importance of being brave and telling people you love that you love them. And how the inability to do so can cost lives. And the importance of not acting like an asshole.And how unimportant it is to be popular but rather to make genuine and trustworthy friends. The filming style is excellent, showing the past and present in equal measure smoothly. The characters are well developed and all the complexities of modern life are expressed. When I first watched this on Netflix I thought it was some obscure series on Netflix. Only after googling a bit i realized its all the rage with teenagers. So I just have this to say you can live a different life, Hannah’s life is not your life. If you wait you will find a good friend or friends. You have to give life time. You have to give yourself a chance. Peace.

13 reasons why